27 October 2008

hold up, wait a minute...

After so many days of rapid recovery, Walker had a down day. (The picture above is from when Brad was home, it was much too chilly for that get-up today!) He was super clingy and cranky. I don't even think he put on any random clothes today...and only wore his cowboy boots for an hour or two all day. Certainly not himself!

Thankfully, he is NOT running a fever, NOT dehydrated, and NOT bleeding. I found out (through some very careful internet research) that this is somewhat common in the recovery process. Between days 5 and 7 the scabs start falling off (ewww, I know), and this is painful. So, we appreciate your continued prayers for the little man.

Wilson was fantastic this afternoon, and chose after school snacks that his brother could also eat. And when Walker had a Popsicle right before dinner, Wilson said, "I am not going to ask for a Popsicle right now." (While looking longingly at Walker's of course) Oh, that kid is so cute!

One of the ladies from PWOC called me today to touch base about some of the planning details, etc. And before we got off the phone she prayed for us. All of us. She prayed for Brad, she prayed for Wilson, she prayed for Walker, and she prayed for me. I am so thankful to be well-cared for by so many. God is good, all the time.


  1. Walker is hilarious! Do you think he gets his quirkiness from you? Heehee...

  2. You are very fortunate that God has placed you with so many wonderful people. Love Sandy P.S. I have submitted Walker's picture to Mr. Blackwell.

  3. yes, of course, Molly, he gets all the quirkiness from me. =)

    Sandy, I had to google "Mr. Blackwell"... good one!