22 October 2008

home sweet home!

We got home about an hour ago. Walker is doing really well - thank you for the prayers. Here are few pictures from yesterday...

Pre-surgery, Walker was playing with the phone with Daddy's recording on it. Obviously in a good mood!

Showing a last glimpse of those big tonsils of his!

I am not exactly sure what he is doing in this picture, but he looks happy, I was listening intently to the doctor... Barbie was faithfully snapping pictures =)
This is a shot of him after the versed, which is the drug they gave him to alleviate the separation anxiety before they wheeled him away. You can tell it did the trick!
He grabbed his daddy doll before they wheeled him out. He did so great!
He was thrilled to have Gavin come by for a visit. I was thankful for the portable DVD player at the hospital. Walker watched the same Little Einstein's DVD 4 or 5 times!

Last night around 9pm he was chowing on cheese and a popsicle. Miss Barbie was kind enough to get me a burger because I kind of forgot to eat when I went home to tuck Wilson in. While she was at Burger King she asked for some cheese for Walker too - boy was he thrilled!(Brad, you can kinda see the reddish-pink under his eyes in this picture.)


  1. from the looks of the last picture you couldn't even tell he had surgery! What a cutie! So glad all is well and he is HOME! It has to be a HUGE relief!

  2. Happy to read that things went well! He certainly didn't look any "worse for wear" in those last few pics.

    Hope his recovery continues to go wonderfully!

  3. Glad that it went well! Thanking God for friends like Barbie, too!

  4. Awesome! Isn't God so good?!