31 October 2008

Happy Halloween!

Walker is back to being Walker.... (Brad this is what was happening while we were on the phone this a.m.) He was in the garage playing while I put away some groceries and started laundry. I leave the door propped open so I can hear if it gets too quiet! He was riding around the garage then rode his coaster car into the house trailing the coloring paper... with orange paint all over his hands. Its good to see him be himself! And he only had Tylenol 2x today!!!After watching, "Its the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown," Wilson thought it would be fun to have a Halloween Party after trick-or-treating--you know, like Lucy. And because I am a bit of a sucker, plus his Daddy is gone, and to top it off the Fall Party at school was pretty low-key... I tried to fancy things up a bit at home. So when he got home he decorated some cupcakes.Then we had some Mummy Dogs for dinner...And got ready to hit the streets for some treats. Logan and Barbie came to join us...
And we went down the block to get Spiderman and his mom and his grandparents and we were off...
There were a LOT of people out trick-or-treating, but not all that many home actually passing out candy... (Guess that is what happens when you live in a neighborhood where everyone has the same job and are in the same age-range with nearly the same age kids... not to mention half the parents are deployed...) It was fun - for the most part...
After trick-or-treating we ran (drove) over to the chapel on-post where we meet for PWOC and the kids got a big bag of candy. It was almost over when we got there, if we are here next year, we might skip trick-or-treating all together. They call it "No Scary Costume Party."

After that party, we went back to our house, for the remainder of our "Party". (I use the term loosely, and I think Wilson may have noticed that it wasn't quite as fun as Lucy's.) Of course, we had to get a good look at the candy... Walker is all about the suckers because I think he can unwrap & pop them in his mouth so darn fast. I don't let him eat them yet, too afraid of him biting off a sharp chunk and cutting his throat open (maybe next week...) Wilson was THRILLED to pose for this picture...

Logan was a good sport and bobbed for apples... Wilson's idea. He wanted the youngest to go first but I said, "Let's let the oldest go first, they NEVER get to go first..."
Something freaked Wil out about bobbing for apples, so he picked a sub...
She liked her treat too!

The kids had a fun day... I am hoping their little bodies will sleep in tomorrow, what with all the walking tonight... but you never know! We don't have much planned for tomorrow aside from an EXTRA hour of sleep tomorrow night! I ♥ Fall Back.

Can you believe its November???


  1. Oh, I love the pics. I realized when I was talking to you today that I hadn't looked at the Lutz Family Blog since before vacation. I had a lot of catching up to do. I so wish we could get a picture of our two little cowboys together.
    Wilson, looked super cute as Junior, but also old too. (:
    Love ya, sissybo

  2. Fun, Fun, Fun!! Glad to see that Halloween was so busy! We had ONE trick or treater here. Whatever will I do with all of the left over candy?!

  3. At least he puts his helmet on now.

  4. Aww...looks like the boys had a great time. That picture with Walker and his two suckers is HILARIOUS! Big Willie's expression just says it all, doesn't it???

    (As I'm typing this at 9:53am, Jib is walking through the kitchen slurping a tootsie pop...LOL)