17 October 2008


...and no, not for my hair. I am way-too-low-maintenance to keep up with that kind of responsibility!

Today I asked each of the boys what their favorite part about having Daddy home was... At first, I thought maybe Walker was too young to come up with an answer, but he did... I asked them separately...

Wilson said, "CAMPING!" ...for a few hours, in our yard. This was his highlight. Simple things.

Walker said, "happy birthday to you..." well, actually he sang it to me. His highlight was our birthday night. Meatloaf, a pinata, and a rainbow cake from a friend. Again, simple.

Treasure the little things. Teach your children to do the same. When you walk through difficult times, there are still plenty of little things to treasure.

My highlight was probably singing at church with Brad. Neither of us are gifted singers, but our church is big enough that we can belt it out and nobody can really hear it but God. We each raised one hand to our Father and wrapped one arm around one another as we sang, Made Me Glad. It is a moment I am sure I will remember for a very long time.

Again, and as always, thank you for your continued prayers and encouraging words!

I spoke with my-jetsetter-husband while he was at a subway station in London. He did get to go out and see a few sights! He was headed back to the airport for his flight to Ethiopia. He didn't talk long, just wanted me to know he was ok. He should be en route to Ethiopia by now--a long layover there and then a quick flight back to Djibouti.


  1. It always amazes me what memories the kids hold dear to their hearts. Its now always about the big grand vacation but something small, simple, easy! and most of the time its now about the where but about who! I am so thankful your time together was peaceful, enjoyable and wonderful! You will be able to talk about those memories with your boys while their daddy is gone and they will be able to relive them in their minds over and over again! So glad to hear Brad is on the last leg of his journey and was able to catch in a few tourist moments too! Love and miss you and the boys!!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing. Who knew you baptist sang such good songs?! JK!!! Really, good memories. Hope & praying you are doing well emotionally and physically.