29 October 2008

happy moments

so, last night Walker was in our room at bedtime. Trouble is, bedtime is usually my free time. I thought maybe he was just laying on the bed while I did some blogging and emailed Brad his nightly note. Ummmm... I was wrong. Even on his belly. So I HAD to snap a few pictures last nigth before bed! I didn't notice until today, but page 128 in my Bible study book is sort of hard to read now too... Today was just about ideal weather. Not too hot, not too cool. A slight bit of brisk, but lots of warmth from the sunshine. The boys enjoyed playing outside before dinner... Walker even had to take off his shoes and socks to get his little piggies in the sand...
And for some reason, Wilson had to bust out his climbing routine today. Because, I really want Walker to try all that out this week... good grief! At least Walker got distracted by the idea of getting his little piggies in the sand! (You can see him taking his shoes off in the background of this picture)
We have resumed our nightly routine of walking around the block with Nicole and Gavin. Tonight after our walk we had some hot cocoa on the patio and lit our Jack-o-lantern. The boys were pretty impressed... especially the little man. Shhhh... I used a candle for tonight, but I promise I will use a glowstick on Friday! (We can't burn candles in our houses on post. Maybe that will change when the privatization is complete Nov. 1)
Here are the boys and their cocoa as well as our finished Jack-o-lantern.

Walker was still a cranky-hank most of the morning, but seems to have improved a lot this afternoon. He even took a 2-hour nap, which he hasn't done in quite a few days. I peeked in his throat, I got the best look yet, which I think means more of the nasty-scab-stuff has fallen off. I could actually see past his uvula which is a first since the surgery. {and yes, I had to google that to make sure I had the right word =)}
Thank you again... for the many prayers. They are deeply appreciated!


  1. Yeah, for feeling better, how do you get the marker off? Grandpa still has "yes" written on his forhead over his eye....cute he has a little of the Walker in him!

  2. but did he write "yes" over his own eye to fill time or did a doctor do it to make sure they did surgery in the right place????

    how to get it off -- scrub hard

  3. ooh, ooh, I think Brendan taught Big Wil that climbin' stuff! :-) He denies it though! It's beautiful weather, isn't it?!